Showgirl, Weirdo, Coach, Sex Worker, Creative — these are all integral parts of my identity. I’m here to help you identify and find the strength to fully honor yours. I’m inspired to work with womxn like you, to help you gain the confidence to take up space by finding connection to and comfort in your body.

I am here to help you:

  • create a positive and consistent relationship with movement.
  • discover how movement is the quickest way to tap into your bodies wisdom. 
  • shed the generations of shame we as womxn have inherited by society and tap into the power of your sexuality.
  • liberate your inner wild woman and break free of your limiting beliefs. 
  • bravely stand in your truth and sweat a little while you’re at it.
  • become your strongest, most confident, sexiest self.

There are a number of ways you can work with me.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for on this page, feel free to hit me up via the contact page or at and we can work together to create an offering specifically for you.





Movepowerment Coaching is different than your typical grueling workout and cookie cutter meal plan. In fact with this program, there is no pre-made meal plan. The Online Movepowerment Coaching plan is for you if you:

* have trouble following through with your intention to start a movement program
* notice yourself getting sucked into negative self-talk around your body
* have hit a plateau and need help getting unstuck
* want to clear the feelings of “should” and “have to” that are holding you back from embracing your sexual self.

Movepowerment Coaching is designed to help you make connections between how your limiting beliefs are holding you back in life and movement. Helping you to leave behind the chorus of “shoulds” and “have to’s” and learn how to connect with and heal your relationship with your body.  As a certified personal trainer and empowerment coach, I will provide you with all the tools and support you need to break free from learned behaviors, shift negative self-talk and feel more confident and radiant in your own skin. At the end of our time together you’ll have a newfound grasp on how to tackle life and movement that will serve you through all stages of your new sexy empowered life. 

Movepowement Coaching – Three-Month Minimum Commitment

  • Four 45-minute coaching calls per month + customized programming & unlimited email support – $350/month
  • Two 45-minute coaching calls per month + customized programming & unlimited email support – $225/month



I work with a select number of clients in person at their home, gym or outside weather permitting. The focus of these sessions isn’t just about weight loss or body change but about how to be forgiving to yourself. The sessions are centered on helping you reconnect with your body through various forms of movement in a sex-positive supportive environment where having fun is encouraged. To help you learn how to empower yourself to keep going when things are challenging and to give yourself permission to love your body in the process. In addition to our sessions, you will receive coaching calls and unlimited email support to do the work of creating positive behavior patterns and breaking free of negative self-beliefs.

Movepowerment Coaching in NYC: Three-Month Minimum Commitment

  • Contact me about rates and availability





Don’t need the full support of a coach but need help putting together an exercise program? Then this option is for you. Just like with my coaching clients, programs are built to take into account each client’s individual needs, performance goals, schedule, and available exercise equipment. This is a great option if you are already in the habit of exercising, have a positive sense of self but need a bit more guidance in what to do or just want someone else to do the programming for you… you can get back to your badass life.

Customized Exercise Plan – Three-Plan Minimum Commitment

  • Each plan usually lasts 4-6 weeks – $99/exercise plan