Weekly Workout Log

Reset & Refocus: Weekly Workout Log

I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve posted my weekly workout log. That was one of my main goals of this site. Not only to hold myself accountable but so you can see what I do in the gym and incorporate things into your own workouts. I never just walk into the gym, I always pre-plan my workouts and bring them with me on a note-card. This keeps me focused and on track while I’m there. 

When you’re new to fitness and finding your comfort zone in the gym, knowing what to do presents its own set of challenges. Not to mention when you’re trying to get there slightly hung over. I’ve been there. So on top of posting my own workouts one of my goals was to create a pin-able workout for you every week based on things I’ve learned, what I’m still learning and what I’m doing at the gym.

It seems I’ve fallen off the wagon.

This is my written commitment to get back to those goals. Starting today, every Monday I will post my weekly workout log and include one pin-able workout. 

Feel free to give me slap if I fall off track again.  Shiny Things. Are. Distracting.  

Now that I’ve gone over all that let’s get to the workouts…..

Weekly Workout Log

Monday: Lazy Labor Day

Day 1 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Leg Day:
5 minute jog to warm-up
walking lunge to side squat – 30lb barbell
kettlebell sumo squat – 20 reps, 30lbs
1 minute high knees

deadlift – 15 reps, 60lb barbell  * 2nd round -10 reps, 80lb barbell
single leg elevated lunge – 10 each side, 10lb dumbbell
side lunge – 10 each side, 10lb dumbbell
1 minute mountain climbers

step-ups – 20reps each leg, 30lb barbell
squatted back lunge – 10 each side, bodyweight
lying hamstring curl – 10 reps, 12.5lb dumbell
1 minute russian twists

leg lifts – 20 reps
stability ball plank crunches – 20reps

Day 2 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Kickboxing at UFC Soho

Thursday: rest day
Day 3 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Friday: unexpected rest day to catch up on homework
Day 4 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Weekly Workout Log

Day 5 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Treadmill & Strength HIIT Workout
*I used 12lb dumbbells for this workout. I was also dripping with sweat after the first circuit. It took me 50 minutes to complete and I burned 429 calories according to my FitBit Charge HR 2.  Bonus, my hangover was gone too.  
 Treadmill Strength HIIT Workout


Tip: Select a treadmill at the end of a row or where there is room near it to perform the strength exercises. Instead of stopping the treadmill take it down to the lowest speed so you can bring it back to a jogging pace faster. This will also let you keep track of how long it takes you to complete the workout.


Day 6 30 Day Yoga Challenge
Flexibility class at Yoga Pole Studio


I had more rest days in a row this week than usual so I tried my best to go hard when I did workout. I aim for 4 days on/ 3 days off. If I get in more workouts than that, I’m thrilled. 

How often do you try to workout a week?  How did you feel if you don’t that mark?


Workout Picks of the Week:

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