Weekly Workout Log

Weekly Workout Log

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you but I am loving the weather we have been having this past week. It’s finally cool enough that I will run outside again. I haven’t been much of a runner in years, but 70 degrees and breezy just begs for me to tie on my running shoes.

I’ve been slowly running a bit further around my neighborhood and hit 3 miles on Friday. I can’t do much more than that because of my neck, but even until recently 3 miles has been a challenge. So, patting myself on the back for that one. Taking time to recognize your accomplishments is important. There really isn’t much these days that makes me feel as good as improving during a workout. Except maybe a day off, or a night out with the girls.

I had a non-stop week with a gig or work every night. Between the gigs, work and school, I got a bit overwhelmed and run down. I’m slowly learning to recognize this and decided to take a much-needed day off from school and the blog midweek. Listening to your body and recognizing when you need to slow down isn’t always easy but it’s really important to keep stress from taking over. I should know. I battled stress induced hives a few months ago. 

I’m looking forward to a slightly lower key week this week and taking a some time to focus on me by getting my nails did! What do you do to treat yourself after a busy week?


Weekly Workout Log:

Day 7 –  30 day yoga challenge
2.73 Mile Run – Avg pace 9’17

Day 8 – 30 day yoga challenge

Upper Body:
1 mile run to warm-up
seated rows – 20 reps, 55lbs / 15 reps, 66lbs / 8 reps, 77lbs
single arm rows – 20 reps, 20lbs / 15 reps, 25lbs / 10 reps, 30lbs

lat pull-downs – 20 reps, 55lbs / 15 reps 66lbs / 10 reps, 77lbs
lateral arm raises – 20 reps, 5lbs/ 12 reps, 8lbs / 10 reps, 8lbs

assisted pull-ups – 20 reps, 100lbs / 8 reps, 80lbs / 8 reps, 80lbs
cable tricep extensions – 20 reps, 15lbs / 8 reps, 20lbs / 10 reps, 2olbs

lying cable arm-extension leg lift – 10 each side, 10lbs
stability ball plank crunches – 20 reps

Day 9 – 30 day yoga challenge
Rest Day

Day 10 – 30 day yoga challenge

Leg Day – incorporating a couple booty boosting moves
half mile run to warm-up
side lunges – 20 each side
front lunges – 20 each side
jump squats – 20 reps, 30lb barbell

leg press machine
140lbs – 20 reps / Jump squats – 20 reps
180lbs – 20 reps / Jump squats – 20 reps
230lbs – 20reps
270lbs -15 reps
320lbs -10 reps * New Max Weight! Woo Hoo

weight lateral leg lift – 15 each side, 10lb plate
squatted back lunges – 10 each side, 10lb plate

deadlift – 15 reps, 70lb barbell
sumo deadlift- 15reps, 70lb barbell

leg lifts with stability ball pass to hands – 10 reps
mountain climbers – 20 reps
jack knives – 15 each side


Day 11 – 30 day yoga challenge
3 Mile Run – Avg pace 9’07

Day 12 – 30 day yoga challenge
Rest Day

Day 13 -30 day yoga challenge
Total Body Workout with Kettlebells & 30 minutes on elliptical
* this workout calls for one light kettlebell for the upper body moves and one heavier for the lower body, but as alway use as many different kettlebell weights as you need and can safely lift. 

Total Body Kettlebell Workout


  1. You’re going much better than I am. I recently had a knee replacement and have done well. But now I need to get into a regular program of exercises. Good plan to write out a program/

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