July Fit Showgirl Spotlight Voodoo Onyx

July FitShowgirl Spotlight: Voodoo Onyx

July’s Fit Showgirl Spotlight is Burlesque and Body-building badass Voodoo Onyx. My first encounter with Voodoo was back in 2011, the year we both hit the New York Burlesque Scene. I’ve known since the inception of this blog that I wanted to spotlight her talent, dedication and commitment to her art and to fitness.

Voodoo’s performances have been captivating from the very beginning and she continues to deliver well-polished acts to this day. In fact,Voodoo Onyx recently won the title of  2016 Queen of the Roux: A Spice Brown Burlesque Festival in New Orleans. 

Aside from watching her blossom as a performer over the years, watching her grow and transform herself through fitness has been nothing short of inspirational. Her instagram feed is full of progress pictures, workout videos and truly motivating words of wisdom. I can’t recommend it enough.

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FitShowgirl Spotlight

What is your name?
Voodoo Onyx

How long have you been performing?
I’ve been performing burlesque since 2011. I made my NYC stage debut at Shaken n Stirred and never looked back!

What type of performance do you do?
I’m a bit neo burlesque and a bit classical but to be truthful, I do what moves me.

uly Fit Showgirl Spotlight Voodoo Onyx

What does fit mean to you?
Fit, for me, means transformation. It means striving for a better self from mental to physical. I believe striving is far more important than being successful. Striving is transforming and that’s where the magic happens. That where the short term becomes the life long journey.

When do you feel your best?
I feel best at rest, especially after a great workout or rough week. I’ve grown to appreciate rest and acknowledge it is pivotal to growth. To steal a quote from author and athlete Brad Stulberg, “Stress + rest= growth” and since growth is what I’m after, rest is the best! Though sometimes I have to force myself.

How often do you workout or are you active?
I try to workout 5-7 days a week. Whether it be lifting, running, dancing, or laughing (it’s a great abdominal burn), I try to stay relatively active everyday. I have a rather sedentary day job so I try to balance activity with the stationary.

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Do you prefer to work out at home, the gym or attend classes?
I rather the gym. Home has too many distractions and classes are fun but I’m not into the unspoken competition. I’m a bit of loner during my sessions and would rather focus on what I’m about to do.

Is there a specific type of workout/exercise you haven’t tried but are interested in?
I would love to try pole dancing. It’s like ballet but with heels and a pole… well, it’s nothing like ballet but nonetheless elegantly bad ass!

Is there a certain area of your body you concentrate on when working out?
I don’t really concentrate on one area. When I did, it exhausted my muscle imbalances and caused stress in areas where you don’t want pain. Nowadays I try pushing my calisthenics and being a well-rounded lifter. I go for bigger numbers in push-ups, pull-ups, body squats, etc. It’s crazy the development you can achieve with just the body.

Do you have a favorite piece of workout gear or accessory?
Under Armour compression leggings. They are the truth when running and they make the booty look poppin!

uly Fit Showgirl Spotlight Voodoo Onyx

As someone who eats a vegetarian diet, what do you do ensure you get enough protein every day?
What’s a bummer is my diet is a bit all over the place. Sometimes I’m on it, other times I’m missing meals and living off of black coffee or vodka. My time management is blas√©. When I’m on, I have my super crunchy peanut butter on deck, as well as a few snacks like protein shakes, pancakes, cookies or bars. I like Vega protein or I’ll blend up rolled oats, chia seeds, almond milk, fruits and veggies. I don’t fuss about protein as much as others but will eat a block of tofu and almonds if I’m starved after the gym.

When did you get into lifting and how much time do you dedicate to your workouts every week?
I’ve always been into exercise and being body conscious but really tapped into serious lifting about 3-4 years ago. I’m almost ashamed to say but I spend 2-3 hours in the gym per day. Longer if I add in running. The hubby gets jealous of the gym sometimes.

What is your biggest challenge or weakness in regards to health & fitness and what to you do to overcome it?
Making time for friends and family is my biggest challenge. Work/dancing, gym, eating, resting and decompressing take time away from social time. I’m still trying to strike a balance between work and play but it is difficult. I want to give as much of my energy to people and things I care about but my energy pool is only so big. To say the least it’s a work in progress and I’m grateful for patient people.

What are your words of advice for others on how to stay fit & focused in the nightlife world?
Balance. Find a balance between work and play, food and drink, exercise and rest. Don’t get caught up in words like lean, muscular, thick, fat, what ever else is out there. These are not titles, these are not you nor do they define you. Do what works for your body and mind because in the end it doesn’t matter what others do or how others label persons or things. Just move, enjoy the journey, and own yourself at what ever your point in fitness might be.

uly Fit Showgirl Spotlight Voodoo Onyx

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