Two Week Food Reset: Getting Back on Track

Two Week Food Reset: Getting Back on Track

What we eat and how we feel are directly related. Think about the last time you felt a little off after a meal. Did you take time to keep a food log or are you still guessing about what it is that has you feeling not so great? 

Our bodies are always talking to us, even if we aren’t listening. Maybe you’re feeling bloated, irritable or even just fatigued. It could be what you’re eating and a two week reset could be the key to feeling better.

Two Week Food Reset: Getting Back on Track

When I say food reset, I’m not talking about a juice cleanse or another drastic diet that won’t be sustainable. A simple two week reset is about getting back to basic whole foods and eliminating the foods that can negatively effect your digestive system. It’s about helping cleanse your gut of foods that may be negatively impacting your digestion, mood and even causing your aches & pains. 

For me, three weeks in Sri Lanka meant eating endless curries with heaping servings of rice and lentils, both foods I don’t typically eat. Combine that with the bags of gluten free cheese puffs (one of the few safe snacks I could find) to snack on during the long bus rides, I was feeling pretty miserable. Despite being a gluten free meal, the the airplane food also left my stomach a bit uneasy. A two week food reset was clearly in order as soon as I got home.

While a food reset is sometimes done for 30 days, also known as The Whole30 program, I find after a vacation, the holidays or an induglence in that spicy dip at a party even though you know it gives you indegestion (perhaps while pms-ing) doing a two week food reset can do wonders to help reset your digestive track. 

Two-Week Reset Rules:

*No Sugar
*No Alcohol
*No Processed Foods
*No Grains
*No Legumes
*No Dairy
*Low Glycemic Index Fruits & Veggies

These might seem daunting at first, especially because you will really need to read food labels. Yes every label. But by reading labels you will start to really take note of what is in the food you eat. After days of reading labels full of things you can’t pronounce, it may be easier to get behind ditching them from your diet altogether.

No sugar can be one of the hardest parts, (or maybe it’s the no alcohol?), because sugar is in just about everything. For this reset all sugars are off limits, even natural sugars like honey. The only place sugar should be coming into your diet is from those low glycemic fruits & veggies. Think blueberries, raspberries, strawberries…ok berries and vegetables like broccoli, green beans and even sweet potatoes if boiled.

You can follow my Whole 30 reset board on Pinterest for recipe ideas or create your own. Remember it’s only two weeks. After that you can slowly start adding items back in, like whole grain carbohydrates and dairy. As you add these in take note of how you feel. You may find legumes (this includes peanuts) may make you feel bloated or gassy, or sugar makes you cranky. 

The key is not only to get back on track but to help you make the connection between food and how your body feels. I’m not one of those people who believes food is just meant to keep our bodies going. I believe it should be delicious and enjoyed fully but not at the cost of feeling crappy. There are no bad foods only foods that aren’t ideal for your personal genetics and digestion.  

Have you done a two week reset before or a Whole30 challenge? How did you feel? If you’ve never done it and decide to give it a try I’d love to hear how it works for you. 


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