We all have fears, but it's in the ability to trust ourselves that we are able to overcome them.

It’s All About Trust: Owning & Overcoming Your Fears – WWL

We all have fears, but it’s in the ability to trust ourselves that we are able to overcome them. While sitting in counterbalance hold in Lyra yesterday with a woman I just met, I had to let go of that fear of falling, the fear of not holding her and just trust in us both. It really got me thinking about how the fear of trusting ourselves can hold us back.

a href=”http://www.fitshowgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/all-about-trust-small.jpg”>We all have fears, but it's in the ability to trust ourselves that we are able to overcome them.

Trust. One simple word, but it holds such weight that it controls our ability to push ourselves, to take risks, to achieve our goals. 

I struggle with trusting myself constantly. I was terrified the moment before I stepped out on stage and performed my first Burlesque act. I was terrified the first time I hosted a show. I was terrified the first dozen times I attempted to kick off from a lunge to a handstand. I’m terrified now as I take my last test for school and prepare for my certification exam that I won’t cut it as a trainer.

It’s these fears  that hold us back. Fear will always be there, it’s in how you choose to conquer it. There is truth in the idea of faking it till you make it. But to fake it you have to own those fears and put yourself in scary situations in order to confront and overcome them.

Whether its holding the gaze of a patron at the club or an audience member at a show, engaging them by conquering the vulnerability of eye contact. By choosing to push past the fear of walk into the gym, with no clue what to do once you get there. Walking up to someone and saying hello to network, despite your fear of approaching someone because you are inherently shy.

Every time we trust that we can do something, allow ourselves to push past our fears, the easier it becomes. Soon those fears begin to fall away and our trust in ourselves grows into power. A power we can harness to reach our fullest potential, be it learning a new Lyra or pole trick, taking risks in our performances or going for that new job we aren’t sure we’re good enough for. 

Trust yourself. It may be scary as hell at first but the power in conquering your fears will lead you to your authentic self. 

How do you let your fears hold you back? What is something you are working towards conquering?

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Weekly Workout Log

Sunday – rest day
Monday – leg day
5 minute run
TRX lunge 12 reps / TRX hamstring Curl 12 reps / jump squats 12 reps
squats & curtsy lunges on Max Loader
10 reps 65lbs / 8 reps 85lbs / 6 reps 105lbs
sumo deadlifts
5 – 105 lbs /3 romanian
5 – 115lbs / 3 romanian
4 – 125lbs / 2 romanian 

2 – 130lbs / 2 romanian

Trx lunge 12 / jump squat 12

TRX plank crunch – 15
Straight leg pencil – 15
Weighted Russian Twist – 15
X 3
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday –  home upper body workout
resistance band tricep pull 12 reps
resistance band bicep curl 12 reps
L arm raises 10 reps 8lbs
seated bent over flys 12 reps 8lbs 
plank to row 10 reps 8lbs
russian twists 12 reps
X 3
Thursday – IUD DAY! 
Friday – rest day

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