Total Body Weights & Cardio Workout

Total Body Weights & Cardio Workout

This workout incorporates the treadmill & free weights for a total body workout. If you prefer the elliptical over the treadmill, you can easily utilize it instead. You will need two sets of dumbbells one light and one heavier.
The lighter dumbbells should be around 5 to 8lbs, whichever you can do arm raises with comfortably. The heavier dumbbells should be anywhere from 10 – 15lbs. 

Make sure to pick a treadmill at the end of a row or one that has plenty of space near it to step off and perform the strength moves. Bring the treadmill down to its slowest pace and let it keep running during the strength moves so you can get it back to your walking/jogging pace faster.

This is a lower intensity workout but it gets the job done. I can tell you it challenged me last week while I was sick

Good Luck & Have a Killer Workout!
Total Body Weights & Cardio Workout


Have you completed this workout? What weight of dumbbells did you use? Did you find it challenging? What was your rate of perceived exertion from 1 to 10?

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