This total body superset workout will keep your heart rate-up and burn more calories than cardio alone.

Total Body Superset Workout

Cardio is great but it can also become boring and doesn’t lead to post-workout calorie burn the same way resistance training does. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do cardio but by utilizing supersets you can bring cardio into your weightlifting.

Supersets allow you to up the intensity of your workout and shorten the duration at the same time.

What exactly is a Superset?

A superset is the act of performing two exercises back to back, instead of resting between them. The first muscle group rests while the second one works.

Supersets can work opposing muscle groups (biceps/triceps, hams/quads) or by targeting the same muscle group.

Since there is no rest time between the two exercises your heart rate stays elevated much like when performing cardio. Plus, with no rest time between exercises total workout time can easily be cut in half. Perfect for those days when you need to be in and out the gym in a hurry. 

When doing a superset workout it’s important to remember to drop the amount of weight you are using. Performing consecutive exercises back to back with higher reps will cause your muscles to fatigue faster. 

Another way to keep the heart rate up is to perform a functional cardio exercise, before moving onto the next superset. Moves like mountain climbers and burpess are great choices.

Next time you hit the gym try the Total Body Superset Workout below. All the major muscle groups will be worked and it can easily be completed in 35-40 minutes. Though the first time around may take longer, as you learn the routine.

Good Luck and Happy Sweating!

This total body superset workout will cut your workout time in half while keeping your heart rate up



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