The Past 60 Days Part 1: Life Updates

The Past 60 Days Part 1: Life Updates

If you’ve noticed there hasn’t been a blog post in well over almost two months, I apologize for the disappearance. It was for a good reason though as a lot has happened in the past 60 days. 

Firstly, I finished school!  I also landed a new job working as a personal trainer. I never expected to get the first job I interviewed for,  expecting it to be more of a trial run. As I had no clue what to expect in a personal training interview.  In fact, I was so taken back when they offered the job, I said yes but forgot to mention my upcoming trip in April. Woops. Luckily it all worked out.

For a couple of weeks in March I was juggling dancing, bartending, working at the gym, school and studying for my CPT test. I was a happy but exhausted ball of stress. But, all the hard work, lack of sleep, over-consumption of coffee and day after day at the library paid off. At the end of March I passed my CPT exam. 

I’m officially an ACE Certified Personal Trainer!! 

I’m not done yet though, (overachiever over here) in June I’m also taking the exam to get my Group Fitness Instructor Certification. I only have a little over a month to study, but I have faith!

That explains my pure lack of time to work on the blog in March, but what about April? If you follow Fitshowgirl on Instagram (you should be) you may have noticed I’ve been posting photos from Sri Lanka. 

Just days after passing my exam, I packed my bags and embarked on 21 hours of travel time to reunite with my partner in Sri Lanka. He’s been gone for four months on a backpacking trip around Asia. I will fully admit, Sri Lanka was never somewhere that crossed my mind to visit. I’m not one prone to wanderlust. In fact, I had only one requirement on the location. I wanted there to be beaches. All in all, I really had no idea what to expect of Sri Lanka other than high temperatures. 

I did know my wardrobe wasn’t going to cut it there. I’m just more comfortable in scantily clad clothing. I like booty shorts & crop tops and I knew nothing that would fly as summer clothing for me in the U.S. would be respectable for me to wear in Sri Lanka. 

Even though I might be a Stripper, a Hoe, an Independent Woman who says I can wear what I want and my body is my body. I also understand that on this trip I’m a visitor in another persons home and I’m not going to disrespect it. Even with my mid-length shorts and linen pants, my tattoos and red hair stood out enough. According to my boyfriend, heads turned everywhere we went. Though with the lack of catcalling, I didn’t notice. 

I have lot of stories and photos to share but I don’t want to ramble on right now. I plan to spend time recapping my travel adventures in Sri Lanka in my next post, The Past 60 days Part 2: Sri Lanka The Beautiful. 

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