10 Hustle Life Must Haves

10 Hustle Life Must Haves

The hustle life is a non-stop full-speed ahead way of living. For many of us the struggle of  bouncing between nightlife and daytime priorities can be all-consuming. 

Managing to get in enough hours of sleep, eat right, book enough gigs to pay the bills not to mention find the time to hit the gym is an art form. To say the least.

So, if you’re lucky enough to juggle all the balls in your life without ever feeling like you’re about to drop one or if you’re fumbling to pick up the one that fell without dropping the rest there are a few  must-haves to help keep you feeling good and grinding along in hustle life.



1. SNACKS! 10 Hustle Life Must Haves

The hustle can’t exist without snacks, or maybe what I mean to say is I can’t exist without snacks. Long days being a boss bitch require sustenance and if you don’t pre-plan and pack your snacks ahead of time you’ll fall victim to cheap junk food at the closest bodega or gas station. A good hustler is one with a full and happy belly.

For good go to portable snacks that will keep you chugging along reach for things like hard-boiled eggs, fruit such as bananas, clementines or apples, nuts, protein bars or whatever else suits your fancy. 


I shouldn’t even have to say this but I do because most people don’t even come close to drinking enough water, but get a cute travel water bottle and keep it with you! Being active all day long is taxing on your body, not to mention all those drinks you probably had at work/your show last night. If you aren’t properly hydrating your body you are more likely to feel tired, have dry skin, get muscle cramps and have headaches just to name a few. 

I’m in love with my Contigo water bottle, it comes in super cute colors and is BPA free. Plus it has two different sized openings so you can add ice and clean it easily.  


Baby wipes are a multi-use must have. One night of gogo dancing is all you need to understand the importance of always having baby wipes on hand. From wiping the sweat from your pits to the make-up off your face, there’s no better tool for a quick and refreshing whore bath (sorry I’ll never stop calling it that, so deal) anywhere, anytime. 

If your workout isn’t sports-bra drenching intense, they work great to transition from the gym back to life if you don’t feel like lugging around all those damn mini shower supplies all day. Who needs the extra weight? Lets be honest you’re probably schlepping enough crap already. Keep it Simple. 


Also known as cute ass leggings you love to wear and workout in and a comfy fitspirational tank that fits your lifestyle. This outfit is comfy enough to bounce around town running errands in and then head straight to the gym, yoga or whatever form of training it is that you do.  Bonus, having a cute workout outfit has been proven to motivate you subconsciously by triggering mental changes to affect your performance. So yes, you do need those new workout clothes.

Some of my favorite leggings are from Poprageous, you can use this discount link to get $20 off a purchase of $65. 


10 Hustle Life Must HavesAn outfit that you feel good in no matter what, that gets compliments before you even get it on. That’s your money makin’ outfit.  Now the key to a good money makin’ outfit is not to wear it all the time. No this baby you pull out of the arsenal when you’re in an off mood, having a self-conscious day about your body…you know bloating..or just really need to make money.

If you have one, or maybe two of these you can probably picture it right now. If you don’t have one, get one. This outfit is what will get you through the bad days and the tough times, it will give you the umph to get out there and work it. Because sometimes when you don’t have it in you to hustle, your outfit will have to do it for you.


10 Hustle Life Must Haves

No, not fuck me heels. Pay me heels, cause these bad boys are what you wear while you’re makin’ your money. Whether they are rhinestoned ballroom heels,  slip-on polly’s,  7″ Pleasers or just your well-pedicured toes. How you take care of and what you wear on your feet matters. You are a self-loving confident bad-ass and that starts from the ground up.

You don’t need dozes of pairs of heels, one or two that you love will do, just be aware of when it’s time to retire them and treat yourself and your feet to a new pair. If your hustle footwear is wornout, falling apart or your feet are in need of a pedicure it’s a reflection on you.



 No matter if you run, life weights or attend zumba the right pair of sneakers will cushion and protect your feet.  Not only are they great for your training sessions but they’ll help counteract the effects of your heels. Because I hate to tell you, but those pay me heels are doing a number on your body. From throwing off your body alignment to shortening your calf muscles.

The only thing better than taking off your heels after a long night is sliding your feet into super cute cushy tennis shoes. Your feet might even feel so good you’ll want to start dancing again. 


It’d be great to be able to have a personal masseuse on hand every time you felt tired and achy, but that shit just ain’t real. So when the combination of working out, rehearsing, sitting at desks, dancing and carrying around heavy bags has you in knots, a pair of massage balls are great for rubbing out stress and tension.

Massage balls are super-portable and durable tool for self-myofasical release and are great for hard to foam roll places, like the neck and shoulders. Not only do they reduce muscle soreness but they help to improve blood flow, range of motion and maintain muscle length. 


10 Hustle Life Must HavesBelieve it or not studies have shown that sliding on a bold lip color can give you a jolt of confidence. Wearing your signature go to color helps you feel great instantly. Whether you have a day off or you’re heading out after the gym but don’t feel like piling on a face of make-up just one swipe of lipstick will magically change your look. 

Lipstick is simultaneously a sign of power and sexuality. It draws people’s focus to your mouth and the words that are coming out of it. Not to mention the bold red lip has historically been the weapon of choice of trend setters and riot women. There’s no hiding a woman wearing a power lip color. 

My go to right now is Sephora’s cream lip stain in Classic Red


10 Hustle Life Must HavesLast but not least a paper planner or calendar app or both! When you’re busy being a boss lady and juggling multiple-gigs, maybe a day job, social events and your workouts a mental to do list won’t cut it. Writing things down helps you to remember and keeps you from double-booking, or foregtting altogether, which makes you look unprofessional. 

If you’re more of a virtual planner the Fantasical App & Evernote are great tools! Fantastical adds daily reminders to your calendar so no more separate to do list. Evernote is great for jotting down ideas, saving web-pages, creating audio files and much more. Plus you can access your files on your phone or laptop, making your files accessible wherever you are. 

Now, if your more old-school like me you like to keep a paper planner too. I like to be able so my week all at once and visualize how busy I am. Aftere almost two weeks of researching I finally decided on the Passion Planner as my planner for this year.  I am in love with it. There is a monthly layout as well as weekly layouts breaking your day down hourly as well as to-do lists, blank space for notes and spots to write your daily focus. I can’t recommend it enough.


Ok so this makes 11, but being on the go means hauling things with you everywhere you go and having a cute bag makes toting it a little less annoying.  

What other items are  part of your Hustle Must Haves?

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