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Some Weeks Are Better Than Others: Weekly Workout Log

Some weeks are better than others and well, last week was a bit of an off week for me as far as workouts and eating go. Between prepping to travel and spending the weekend with family I wasn’t as active as I would have liked. My body has also been yelling at me a bit, but I wasn’t listening till now. My shoulder and neck have been super tight and tense, and it finally occurred to me I’ve been running again. Something I’ve avoided almost completely since finding out about my herniated cervical disc.  So I decided it was probably best to take some time off and do a little self-care. By self-care, I mean a glorious hour-long massage followed by a manicure.

Of course, the massage was more self-care than the manicure, but what’s better than a day of pure indulgence?! As a result of choosing to get a massage I did skip the gym. However, sometimes you have to listen to  what your body is saying and recognize that sometimes it’s better to sit this one out. It happens sometimes and all you can do is not beat yourself up, take time to recuperate, and then get back on the wagon. Realizing when your body needs a break is of the upmost importantance. 

Since I spent the weekend back home in Indiana introducing the man to my family, there was no time for a workout until the day before we left. Which by that point my body was begging for. I never realize how active New York living really is until I leave. I spent so much time riding around in cars, eating at all the places I miss and catching up with people over drinks that I was feeling downright blimp-like by Saturday night. Ugh.  So yeah some weeks are better than others, and that’s just how life works. So don’t get frustrated, get back up and try to remember tomorrow is another day and just because you had a few off days doesn’t mean you’ve gone back to zero. You just hit a road-bump. 

Weekly Workouts:

Private pilates session with fellow performer Aurora Black. She has to do apprenticeship hours, I want more pilates. Win/Win!

10 minute run to warm up
Forward & Backward Bear Crawls
Plank Walk-outs

Seated rows – 20reps 44lbs, 55lbs, 15reps 66lbs
Overhead press – 20reps 10lbs, 12.5lbs, 15reps 15lbs
One arm dumbbell row – 20reps 15lbs, 20lbs, 15reps 25lbs
Lateral raises – 20reps 5lbs x3
Kneeling lat pull downs – 20reps 44lbs, 55lbs, 15reps 66lbs
Seated reverse flys – 20reps 5lbs x 3

Leg raises 20reps
Overhead medicine ball sit-up, 10lb ball 20 reps
Transformers 20 each side

Tuesday: rest day
– Art Model that evening (which is a workout in itself!)

Wednesday: Self – care & pamper day!

Alternate lunges with bicep curls 10lb dumbbells, 10 each side
Squat Thrusters 10lb dumbbells 20 reps
x 3
Bodyweight squatted back lunges 10 each side
Straight leg deadlifts 50lb barbell, 20 reps
Bodyweight squatted back lunges 10 each side
Straight leg deadlifts 60lb barbell, 20 reps
Bodyweight squatted back lunges 10 each side
Sumo deadlifts 70lb barbell, 20reps

Stability ball plank crunch, 20reps
Stability ball weighted hip thrusters 30lb barbell, 20reps

15 minutes on elliptical 

Friday & Saturday: Rest- Family time in Indiana and total over-eating!


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