No Excuses Birthday Workout

No Excuses Birthday Workout

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Yes, I know it’s over but I travelled to my hometown of Indiana for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and as slow living as Indiana is I found myself with no extra time to write. (It may have also been the 100th running of the Indy 500 this past weekend too, but I mean do we really need to talk about that?) Despite my lack of downtime, I did manage to get in two workouts, not as many as I’d have liked but better than zero!!

As ususal I pulled my typical travelling routine and worked till 4am at the club then caught a 6am flight. Normally I love this way of travelling because I sleep on the plane and wake up rested and ready to go at my destination. However, the crying baby behind me made sure I didn’t get any sleep this time. I’ve never been so thankful that my mom is usually in bed by 9pm because I was barely running on fumes by mid-afternoon and we had a kayak trip planned for my birthday first thing in the morning.

While I usually plan a get together with friends or perform on my birthday this year I honestly kind of forgot my birthday was even coming.  When my mom asked what I wanted to do  ‘something active’ was my only specification, so it was really nice to be home Kayaking with her on my birthday. Being out on the lake was very calming and centering, it made me realize how much the past year of getting fit has really changed me. I mean me, the girl who used to scoff at people who went to the gym was out kayaking by 9am and planning a quick workout after.

Birthday Kayak

It took us a little over an hour to leisurely get around the lake, and while it may not have been a massive calorie burner but it was definitely a great upper body workout. When we got back from our Kayak trip, we discovered my step-dad isn’t home and my mother, of course,  realizes she doesn’t have house keys. We are officially locked out. After five minutes of sitting on the porch, my mother is stir crazy but I figure this is the perfect time to get in my quick leg workout since we have an unknown amount of time to kill. Because we were locked out I didn’t have access to my moms mini home gym and had to make do with what I could. As no equipment is never an excuse to not workout I surveyed my surroundings, stole some decorative rocks out of the garden to use as weights, and hit start on my Fitbit. It didn’t seem that intense at the time but those single leg lunges had my hamstrings sore for the rest of the trip.

No Excuses Workout

No Excuses No Equipment Leg Workout:

High bench toe taps, 30 each side
10 burpees
Side lunge with approx 5lb rock, 20 each side
Straight leg deadlifts approx 10lb rock, 20 each side
Raised single leg lunges approx 5lb rock, 20 each side
Fitbit stats: 28 minutes, 202 calories burned, 135 avg bpm

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