Lucy Morals October FitShowgirl Spotlight

October FitShowgirl Spotlight: Mizz Lucy Morals

Producer/Emcee and Managing Director of Romantasy Cabaret, owner of Studio VaVaVoom and Burlesque instructor Mizz M.F. Lucy Morals is Fit Showgirls Spotlight for the month of October.

I first met Lucy when I attended the First Annual Arizona Burlesque Festival in 2014. While we only casually conversed and got to know each other at the festival, I enjoyed her presence, clear-cut confidence and bad assery. What really caught my attention about Lucy though was when her instagram feed was suddenly taken over by her 3-week solo-journey of the northern territory of Arizona and Utah. Very few people in life every go on such a soul-searching life changing journeys. The sheer bravery to leave her everyday life behind to go on this expedition was beyond inspiring. I eagerly looked out for enjoyed her instagram posts as she went on this adventure and she continues to be a source of inspiration.

I am so thrilled to be spotlighting Lucy Morals this month so that her amazing strength, beauty, confidence and fitness journey can continue to inspire others.

FitShowgirl Spotlight:

What is your name?
Officially, Mizz Lucy M.F. Morals and yes, it stands for what you think it stands for. If you see me on the trail you can call me K-lee.

How long have you been performing?
I’ve performed burlesque since 2007 but prior to burlesque I was a professional bellydancer from 2002-2008.

What type of performance do you do?
 Primarily I host-emcee our huge Romantasy Cabaret productions and Studio VaVaVoom’s Hanky Panky Revue shows. I’m known as the bawdy ringstress of the shows and events. Being my dance company’s choreographer, the show writer, director, producer and host emcee affords me little time to partake in the glitter and glamour of stripping on stage. I squeeze in performances when I can, but it’s not as frequent as I’d like.

Lucy Morals: October Fit Showgirl Spotlight

What does fit mean to you?
Fit isn’t about a shape or a size and it isn’t only about how one looks or feels physically. Fit is about your LIFESTYLE choices; How you wake up and what you do with each day you are gifted. Fit is about waking up grateful, setting goals to be better than yesterday, fueling your body with healthy foods, keeping your brain active and engaged, using your body to explore, adventure and push limits and SHARING with others how to live a balanced and enriching life.

When do you feel your best?
“Best” is relative. I feel proud when I summit a peak or reach a secret swimming hole or waterfall because I alone worked to get there. I feel elated when I see smiles on my audiences faces during a successful show. I feel proud when I watch my students take the stage and walk off exuberant that they did it. I feel peaceful when I’m in a canyon and only hear birds or water. I feel rewarded if I have a fulfilling sexual experience. All of those things make me feel my best so I do them often.

How often do you workout or are you active?
Currently I am on a 30-day challenge because when I embarked on my 3-week, solo journey, hiking and camping up Arizona and Utah, I didn’t go to the gym. Despite hiking 16 hikes in 20 days and over 60 miles, I didn’t work out in the traditional sense.  Having fallen off the wagon a bit I am back stronger than ever, working out every day for 30 days to kick my own ass back to where I was, pre-Odyssey.

Lucy Morals FitShowgirl Spotlight

Do you have an exercise or workout regiment?
 Ya- get off my ass and get moving! Anything that keeps me engaged because again, ADD. I get bored easily. I have to change it up often.

Do you prefer to work out at home, the gym or attend classes?
I’m a hippie chick so Nature all the way, every day if I could. There’s more to the workout than just the fitness and physical aspects when you are in nature. It’s spiritual, it’s cathartic, it’s unplugging (no ear buds, phone goes in airplane mode), recharging, rebooting and being connected to yourself and only yourself.

Is there a specific type of workout or exercise you haven’t tried but are interested in?
 I will try almost anything. I’m headed to my first spin cycle class tonight for example. I’d really like to dig into legitimate rock climbing and rappelling. I’d also like to discover backpacking and trail riding so I can get far away from people and things and be lost for days.

Is there a certain area of your body you concentrate on? What do you do to target that area?
I’m fortunate to have strong and shapely legs so hiking definitely draws attention to those. I have to work harder than the average Jolene on my bum and tummy, two areas I can “thank” family history for. I’ve never had strong arms so when I began to notice some definition taking place there, of course I tackled them more.

Do you have a favorite piece of workout gear or accessory?
Water and silence
Lucy Morals: October Fit Showgirl Spotlight
I’ve been watching your recent adventures of trail hiking and nature explorations, what inspired this?
A broken heart. I had to escape and go cry it out, often, on tops of mountains. Then the loss of a family member. So I hiked and cried on top of more mountains. Then the loss of an old me, so I hiked and mourned cried on top of some other mountains.<br> Now I celebrate!

How has the experienced changed you so far?
 I have never been healthier or happier than I am now. I tossed decades of medications, bottles and blister packs, inhalers and injections, worth of meds nine months ago. I dropped 30 pounds, I became confident with turning 50 this year and I feel and look younger than I did ten years ago. No joke. Now when I’m on stage I’m not holding my pose wondering if I’m muffin-topping. I don’t care because I feel great and proud. It’s never to late to be the you that you want to be. You are the only thing standing in the way.

What are your words of advice for others on how to stay fit & focused in the nightlife world?
It’s not a goal to achieve. It’s not a diet to try. It’s about re-wiring your entire life. From what food your housemates buy at the store (temptation) to slacking and taking and a day off- it just doesn’t behoove you to becoming fit. You have to live it and incorporate it Every. Single. Day. It starts with small, easily adaptable changes to your life. And it takes time! I have more info on my blog.

On The Trails with Lucy Morals

Since Lucy lives in Arizona sadly I couldn’t accompany her on one of her amazing hikes in person. But! I did manage to go with her in spirit……


She also sent some stunning photos of the other hikes we went on “together”.


Lucy Morals & Dottie of FitShowgir

Gotta love a Showgirl, they’ll always come up with a creative and goofy idea. Like printing out an 8×10 of your face and taking you on a hike.

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