Fit Showgirls Top 5 Recommended Podcasts

I was really late to the podcast game, and I mean really late. I didn’t start listening to podcasts until about two and half years ago. But now that I’m hip to what all the cool kids seem to be doing, I can’t get enough of them. 

As someone who is now constantly looking for podcast recommendations, I thought I would return the favor and share my top 5 recommended podcasts. Some of these are specific to fitness, others to sex work but they are all packed with great information that I find relative and relatable to the hustle life in some way.  

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The Nia Shanks Show – Nia Shanks has been a trainer since the age of 19. I stumbled upon this podcast by complete accident but I’m so glad I did. Nia Shanks tells it like it is about health, fitness, and lifestyle, discussing subjects like body image, binge eating and how to get the most out of your workouts. Previously Lift Like a Girl, you can find tons of back episodes on her old podcast as well. 

The Chalene Show – Chalene Johnson is a long life entrepreneur, from her careers in car sells, to the fitness industry Chalene has channeled all of her experience into being your number one cheerleader motivational coach. Whether she is helping you recognize toxic friendships, navigating Facebook rules and bans or showing you how to explore and achieve your goals, she addresses both big life issues as well as the mundane day to day stresses. 

The Nutrition Diva – Brought to you by board certified nutritionist Monica Reinagel The Nutrition Diva dishes out quick and easy ways to improve your nutrition as well as dispels many popular health and food related myths. Most episodes are 10-15 minutes long, she keeps true to her Quick and Dirty Tips handle, packing in tons of info in such a short amount of time. 

The WhorecastBrought to you by pornstar and sex worker activist Siouxsie Q, The Whorecast shares the stories and voices of sex workers. When I first discovered The Whorecast I binge listened to back episodes. Siouxsie Q delves deep on sex workers rights as well as interviews fellow sex-workers and discusses the history of sex work and issues such as human trafficking. 

Unzipped PDX– Unzipped PDX is the combined voices and discussions of two strippers Elle Stanger and Orchid Souris and sex therapist Buster Ross. This podcast has become my newest obsession. The open discussion style addressing subjects from sex addiction, intimacy and boundaries to the good and bad experiences of the strip club is relatable is such a refreshing way. 

Do you have a podcast you absolutely love that’s not on this list? I’d love to give it a listen, drop me a comment and let me know what I should be listening to. Happy Podcasting!

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