Finding the Balance

Finding The Balance – Weekly Workout Log

Struggling to find the balance between all the facets of your life can at times seem impossible. Between the daily activities of working, nurturing relationships, running errands, cleaning house how do we find the time to stay fit and focused?How do we find the gentle balance of juggling both sides of our lives – the day job to-night job hustle?
Balance and time management can be such a struggle that I happen to be writing this post while commuting to my gig in Jersey. And three days later I’m finishing it because, I just had to many other things that needed to be done. There never seem to be enough hours in the day when you are full speed ahead in the hustle life. 

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Finding the balance of juggling two different lives is stressful and exhausting. Not to mention the constant shift from late nights to early mornings creates a sense of shock within your body and internal clock. The effects of sleep deprivation alone are damaging both physically and psychologically. Those lost hours of sleep are making us less efficient and at higher risk for health problems. 
I average 5 to 6 hours of sleep, 6 hours counts as a good night. It’s not for a lack of wanting to sleep longer, my body just wakes up after that amount of sleep. I jump for joy, ok not literally, any night I get over 6 1/2 hours sleep. I feel so charged and ready to take on the world. It’s a great feeling. I want that feeling more. It’s a wonder that I manage to repeatedly go to bed around 4 or 5 am, be up by 10am and be productive. Even I am amazed at what I manage to get done
How do you manage to juggle both worlds? Do you get enough sleep or find yourself constantly deprived? What do you do to counteract the stresses of the hustle life?

Weekly Workout Log

Monday- Treadmill Run & Pump Pyramid

Tuesday- rest

Wednesday – rest
Thursday – 
Seated rows 20reps 55lbs 15reps 66lbs 11reps 77lbs amrap = 5 88lbs
Lat pull downs 
20reps 55lbs 12 reps 66 12reps 66lbs amrap 77lbs = 4
Seated bosu flys 20reps 5lbs/ 12 reps 8lbs/ 12 reps 8lbs
Bosu chest press 12 17.5lbs/ 10 17.5lbs/ 8 17.5 lbs
Squats 20 50lbs/ 20 50lbs 20 50lbs
Reverse lunge knee up 10 each leg 15lbs dumbells 
Friday –
5 minute jog warmup
Kettlebell swings 20 30lbs x3
Good mornings 12 reps 30lbs
Sumo squat 15 reps 24kg 
12 75lbs / 10 85lbs / 7 95lbs / 4 105lbs
Squatted lunge step back 15lbs 5 each leg
50 second plank
20 crunch ups
10 stability ball plank crunches
1 minute plank 
2 minute plank!
Saturday – Intro to Hoop class at Body and Pole
Sunday – rest

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