Welcome Grrl! I’m Dottie Dynamo and I’m honored that you found your way here.

If you found my site there’s a good chance you have a strong desire to explore your connection to your body and sexuality through movement. To unleash the womxn you know is inside and start living without the fear of what anyone else thinks. A life in which your self-love and confidence are so bright your grrlfriends want to know what you’ve been doing. A life where movement is fun, leaves you smiling ear to ear and connects you to your inner cheerleader. Making you physically, emotionally and mentally capable of stepping into that badass bitch you’ve been hiding from the world.

But how exactly are you going to help me do this?


I spent the majority of my life being the grrl who is too sexual, too wild, too bold. I recognized that being a womxn was my superpower before I truly understood what that meant or how it would free me. I was destined to end up helping other womxn feel safe and secure in their bodies. To help explore their feminine energy. Even if I didn’t realize it as young grrl taking “provocative” photos or dancing on bars in college. Before my relationship with movement shifted from feeling that I needed to change my body to a practice of loving my body. Those experiences have allowed me to create a life dedicated to providing womxn just like you with the tools necessary to break free from that exhausting cycle.

I’m a certified ACE Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, an award-winning, world traveled Burlesque Performer and a 5-year club stripper. I have certifications in Pole Training, Flexibility, and Pre/Post Natal Fitness.

But more relevant than any of those qualifications is my personal story of reclaiming my identity and confidence after years of chasing happiness and love in other people. My life used to revolve around shaping myself to fit the type of womxn I thought I needed to be for whichever partner was in my life at that time. I spent years of my life giving up things I loved to fit into relationships that were unhealthy. Relationships that left me feeling like I wasn’t enough, that I was too hard to deal with and my true self wasn’t worthy of love. Until I had had enough.

It was at that time I found Burlesque which brought on a wave of confidence and new abilities. I started taking dance classes and exploring how music inspired the way I moved. I learned that there were thousands of other womxn like me, it fed my soul. I became enamored with how the energy of performing made me feel alive. Something I hadn’t felt in years.

I moved further and further away from the type of life I had been told I was supposed to live. Away from a stable 9-5 office job to dancing in a strip club and performing Burlesque full-time. It wasn’t easy. During the transition, I discovered I had a herniated disc in my neck. I was devastated. I had just committed to a life of physically demanding work and now was in debilitating pain, without insurance. It took time and effort and required me to reassess what I desired most.

In the end, I chose to begin working with a Personal Trainer.  Afraid if I took the journey alone I would injure myself again and be unable to do the work I loved most. Over the next two years, I ended up working with a trainer who is an ex-stripper. It was a relief to feel I could talk about my life and my work. I felt comfortable and accepted.  My fitness journey hit a new level and I decided to become a certified trainer myself. I wanted to help womxn the same way my trainer had helped me.

That journey shaped who I am today, strong, self-compassionate, and thriving as I never have before.

Today I embrace all of my identities –  Showgirl, Weirdo, Fitness Enthusiast, Coach, Sex Worker, Creative, Daughter, Sister, Fiercely Independent Womxn.

I know there is a magical life waiting for you beyond the confines society puts on womxn, beyond feeling like you need to take up less space, beyond the shame associated with being a sexual creature, beyond your limiting beliefs. I can help you on the journey to finding your strongest, most confident, sexy self.

If you’d like to learn more about me, my journey, and my approach, here are a few blog posts I’ve written since I started Fit Showgrrl.

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