5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises & Weekly Workouts

Booty Booty Booty! Let’s talk about that Butt.

It’s no secret that my butt is probably more well known than I am. While a lot of that posterior abundance is genetics…Thanks, MOM...genetic’s can’t take all the credit. Since taking on a much more rigorous workout routine over the past year and half my butt has gotten rounder, firmer and closer to my shoulders than it has ever been. Woo Hoo! Based on my go-go and stage tips at work, it seems that I’m not the only one who has noticed. Also, not so apologetic apologies for all the photos of my rump that this post contains. (You’re Welcome)

Evolution of a Butt:

5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises

Since I get comments, compliments and street harassing cat-calls about my ass all the time, I figured I should share 5 of my favorite and most effective booty moves that I incorporate into my leg days. The muscles that contribute to the shape of the butt are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus. While working these muscles are important for boosting the back side, making sure to work the adductors will help to shape and build volume on the sides as well. I actually did all five of these moves yesterday at the gym and by the third round my booty was sore and my legs were turning to jelly. Today my glutes, hamstrings and abductor & adductor muscles are all screaming thank you at me.            
Or something like that….

5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises

5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises

    1. Curtsy Lunge to Lateral Leg Raise –  This exercise is working your quadriceps, your abductors & adductors (the muscles run along the inside and outside of your thigh and work to move your leg away from and toward the midline you body) and your glutes.  From a standing position step your leg back and to the opposite side so your thighs cross, as you return to standing swing the leg up and out then back down to standing position.
      *Perform 10 reps  on each side for 3 sets5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises
    2.  Sumo Squat –  The sumo squat is a variation of the squat, to perform a sumo squat take a wide stance and point your toes out 45 degrees. By performing this variation of a squat you isolate and engage the glutes as well as focus on the inner thighs.
       *Perform 20 reps for 3 sets (I like to add the weight of a kettlebell to mine for added resistance and deeper muscle activation)5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises
    3. Weighted Lateral Leg Lift –  The lateral leg lift is another exercise that targets the muscles of the glutes, abductors, and adductors as well as the hip flexors. Adding weight to them increases the resistance and works the muscles even harder. These can be done without weight at first if adding weight makes them too difficult to complete multiple reps. My legs start burning at about rep 12 with a 10lb weight.
      *Perform 20 reps on each side for 3 sets
      5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises
    4. Resistance Band Glute Kickback – As the name implies this exercise targets the gluteus maximus, it also works the hamstrings. In a kneeling position slide your foot into the handle of a resistance band. Holding the band tight in your hands, kick back the foot that is in the band, then return to kneeling.
      *Perform 20 reps on each side for 3 sets5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises
    5. Single Leg Deadlift – Sometimes referred to as a non-surgical butt lift, the single leg deadlift is a must for your routine. This move works the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. When starting out this move can be very challenging for balance so it’s best to start with no weight until you can perform them with no balance issues. From a standing bend at the hip and extend your free leg behind you until you are parallel with the ground, then return to an upright position.
      *Perform 10 on each side for 3 reps
      5 Powerful Butt Boosting Exercises  

Do all 5 of these moves for a killer butt routine or incorporate them into your current workout to up your booty game

Last Weeks Workouts:

Sunday: Rest & Travel home from Jim Thorpe

Monday: 2.43 mile run

Forward walking lunge to squat, 20 reps

Kettlebell Sumo Squat- 35lb kettelbell, 20 reps
Goblet Squat – 25lb kettlebell, 20 reps
Crossed Leg Deadlift – 40lb barbell, 20 reps
High knee run against elastic band resistance, 1 minute
Reverse lunges against elastic band resistance, 1 minute
Step-ups – 3olb barbell, 20 each side
Resistance band glute kickbacks, 20 each side
Elevated resistance band toe tap to lateral extension, 2o each side
3 rounds

Leg lift with resistance band arm press, 20 reps
Mountain Climbers, 30
Russian twist -10lb dumbbell, 20 reps

Wednesday: Rest, can’t walk! Calves on fire!

Inchworms to transformers, 10 each side

Plank row -push up-knee to elbow – 15lb dumbbells, 10 reps
Low footballer to plank, 1 minute – 10 second rotations
Elbows back shoulder press – 10lb dumbbells, 20 reps
Medicine ball slams to plank step backs on ball, 10 each side
Resistance one arm rows, 20 each side
Standing high kicks with hands behind head, 1 minute
Bent over row – 30lb barbell, 20 reps
x 3

Leg lift with resistance band arm press, 20 reps
Mountain Climbers, 30
Russian twist -10lb dumbbell, 20 reps

Friday: Rest, Ahhh calves still screaming!

Saturday: Stay near air conditioner in fear of spontaneously combusting from the 110 degree heat!

And for good measure, one more butt photo! That’s all for now!

Dottie Dynamo Albuquerque Burlesque Festival
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#1 Harry Pocius
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